I made 18 reusable sets of letters that can be used to practice the alphabet, spelling, and vocabulary year-round. 18 sets is enough for even my biggest classes to have one set per set of partners. Print out this document (kinesthetic letters ), then use the two sheets that printed to create a front-to-back copy so that when you cut out the little squares, there is a different letter on the front and back of each card. Two front-to-back sheets make one set. Laminate the sheets, chop ’em up, and stick them in plastic baggies. Use a different color for each set so that the pieces don’t get mixed up.

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  1. Where is the 3rd sheet? The first page began with A and ended with N, the 2nd page began with N and ended with ó. The 3rd page was blank unless I am just crazy which is highly possible!

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