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Logic Puzzles for language classes

October 3, 2012

Need it in French? Karima Mann's got you covered! Download it in French here!

Find more logic puzzles from The Comprehensible Classroom here!

I.Love.Logic.Puzzles. Specifically, I love grid logic puzzles.

I've been addicted to them since I was in middle school. There is something so wonderfully satisfying about unlocking the key to the puzzle that has had you stumped for the last 20 minutes and, with a flurry of your pencil, filling the entire rest of the chart with X's and O's! I love it.

Use logic puzzles in langauge classes as a way to provide students with repeated exposure to vocabulary structures. Get easy puzzles in Spanish and French! Photo by vejaa from Adobe Stock

What is a Grid Logic Puzzle?

In a grid logic puzzle, you are trying to figure out which set of information goes together. For example, you might have a list of people, pets, and cities, and you have to figure out which person lives in which city and has which pet. You are given some clues, and you use a grid, or a chart, to keep track of what you know and what you have left to figure out.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Watch this video:


Use logic puzzles for repeated exposure to vocabulary

I have a book of logic puzzles in Spanish that my school ordered through Teacher's Discovery, and it is good but the vocabulary is just much too broad for my students. I wanted to have logic puzzles that give my students further exposure to the vocabulary that we are using in class so that they see it embedded in a very different, mentally stimulating activity.

Logic puzzles offer a cognitively appropriate challenge

Logic puzzles are an AWESOME way to give students repeated exposure to vocabulary structures because they have to read through the clues so many times while trying to complete them! They are also great because they provide the mental stimulation for high aptitude students that get bored with simple retells.

Free logic puzzle in Spanish: Los colores

I created this grid logic puzzle to work with colors and the verbs lleva, tiene, and le gusta. Download it FREE from our Subscriber Library!

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