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La Universidad Story Script

October 16, 2012

I published a different version of this script on my old website several years ago, but I updated it to include more useful, high frequency structures. I wrote it specifically to be used during our school's celebration of "University Week".


A character wants to be a certain profession and so they go to a college and take a class (maybe obviously related to their desired profession, maybe not). The professor speaks a language that the student doesn’t speak, so the student receives an F in the class and decides that they want to be something different. The cycle repeats until the student finally finds them in a class in which the professor speaks a language that they also speak or resolves in some other way. TIP: The main character should be multilingual! The ending should not be that the character only speaks English and finally ends up in a class with an English-speaking teacher. 


  1. habla - talks/speaks
  2. quiere ser - wants to be
  3. toma - takes


Download the full story script from the Story Scripts folder in the Subscriber Library:

Helpful links

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If you'd like to teach a unit based on this story script in which students learn about universities in Spanish-speaking countries, visit this link.

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