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El Nuevo Houdini, Chapter 2

January 23, 2013

Yesterday, we worked on vocabulary for Chapter 2 of El Nuevo Houdini, and today we began the chapter. Here are my plans for Chapter 2:

Before reading Chapter 2

Use the pre-reading discussion questions from the Teacher' Guide; discuss as a class.

Prep for a sound effects read-aloud by assigning words and sound effects to groups of students by handing out the cards from this document Chapter 2 sound effects; one to each student:

  • "dormía" "durmiendo" "dormitorio" "cama" = pretend to sleep & snore
  • "respeta" "respetar" = say "tsk tsk tsk" and strike together pointer fingers
  • "enojado" = say "grrrrr" and pound fists on table
  • "nos vamos" "se fue" "se fueron" = say "adiós" and wave
  • "el carro" = say "vroom vroom" and steer a car.

Read Chapter 2

I read aloud Chapter 2 with Sound Effects Read Aloud. Whenever I said one of the words from the cue cards, the students with that card would stand up and "interrupt me" to do their motion and make their sound effect. Then, they would sit back down.

After reading it aloud to students, the kids read through the chapter individually, without the distractions of the sound effects.

Post reading comprehension

Students worked in groups of three students to respond to the after-reading comprehension questions (from the Teacher's Guide) using the Fan'N'Pick structure. I printed up 12 questions (I had to add two, since there are only 10 in the guide) on a piece of paper, and kids cut apart the cards. One student drew a card and asked the question, another student responded to the question, and the third student recorded the response. Then, they switched roles for the next question. I had them write down their answers on this form (Chapter 2 discussion questions), which gave them a little more structure and another repetition of the instructions since the activity can be kind of confusing the first time that you do it with a class.

We reviewed the questions as a class after most groups had worked through all 12 questions.

We did the "expert" activity from the Teacher's Guide. I wrote the title/name a different expert (policía, amigo de Brandon, novia de Brandon, profesor de Brandon, consejero de Brandon, asistente social, Brandon, los padres de Brandon) at the top of 8 pieces of chart paper and posted them around the room. Students worked in groups of 4 to do the activity as described in the manual, then I had everyone sit down, and we discussed their responses as a class.

Students re-read Chapter 2 individually, then completed the Venn Diagram activity from the Teacher's Guide individually.

We discussed what the kids had written.

I gave the kids the Chapter 2 quiz. Done and done! I am saving the car activities from the Teacher's Guide for Chapter 3.

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