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Became + Adjective

January 27, 2013

I'm always excited to find ways to use Awkward Family Photos in class, and today I thought of a new one!

My students have not learned the structure 'se puso + adjective' (s/he became ___), and it is a high frequency structure in Chapter 3 of El Nuevo Houdini. Always on the hunt for DIFFERENT ways to prep vocabulary for the next chapter of a novel, I created a slideshow with some of my favorite images from the site and wrote fill-in-the-blank backstories about each one. (Download the slideshow that I created here (for free).)

The slide that you see here says "When Enrique's mom saw her son's new girlfriend, she became ___". Students will need to read the prompt and fill in the blank with an emotion that would make sense to them. Each kid will have a handout with TONS of different emotions on it (if you don't already have one, try Googling the word "emotions" in your language of instruction, and an image search should turn up several different options that could work with minor editing), and they will write down their answer on an individual whiteboard and hold it up. We will discuss their answers, which not only allows for additional repetitions of the structure, but will give them an opportunity to use their very creative minds to explain and defend what I am sure will be not always entirely common-sense answers.

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