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A Special Meal script for El nuevo Houdini Chapter 4

February 13, 2013

I wrote this story script for a TPRS® story that would help my students become familiar with vocabulary for Chapter 4/5 of El Nuevo Houdini. It works great for Level 2 classes! Spanish and English scripts are listed below. This is the script that I used when the visitors from Southwest Regional District were in my class, and I used a lot of elementary strategies for it.

One that worked well was printing out pictures of potential foods and ingredients and limiting students' options. Here are the images  that I used for the script. For more information about how to use my story scripts, click here.



  1. limpió la cocina - s/he cleaned the kitchen
  2. hizo comida - s/he made
  3. echó a - s/he dumped/poured into


Este es Frank. A Frank le gustaba María. Frank quería ser el novio de María. Quería impresionarle a María. Un día, Frank le invitó a María a su casa.

Frank limpió la casa todo el día. Frank limpió la sala. Frank limpió la cocina. Frank limpió su dormitorio.

Entonces, Frank hizo una comida deliciosa para María. Frank hizo espagueti para María. Frank echó tomates a la salsa. Entonces, Frank echó especias a la salsa. Frank comió un poquito de la salsa y pensó, «¡Mm..qué rico!». Entonces, Frank limpió la cocina y se fue. Fue al baño para ducharse.

Entonces, la hermana de Frank entró a la cocina. Su hermana se llamaba Kiki.Kiki era muy traviesa y siempre le causaba problemas a Frank. Kiki vio el espagueti que hizo Frank. Ella echó un poquito del espagueti a un plato. Comió un poquito del espagueti y pensó, «¡Necesita algo!» Kiki echó chocolate al espagueti. Entonces, ella echó salmón al espagueti. Ella limpió la cocina y se fue.

Frank entró a la cocina e hizo una ensalada para María. Frank echó lechuga y tomates al bol de ensalada. Miró la ensalada y pensó, «¡Qué atractivo!» y se fue. Fue a su dormitorio para prepararse.

Entonces, Kiki entró a la cocina. Ella vio la ensalada. Ella miró la ensalada y pensó, «Necesita algo». Ella echó salsa picante a la ensalada. Entonces, ella limpió la cocina y se fue.

(continue with more foods, if desired)

María llegó a la casa de Frank a las siete. Ella se sentó a la mesa y Frank le dio espagueti. María comió un poquito del espagueti, gritó, «¡Guácala!» y lo echó a la basura. Entonces, ella comió un poquito de la ensalada. Ella gritó, «¡Guácala!» y la echó a la basura.

(continue with all foods)

María dijo, «Frank, tú eres un cocinero terrible. No quiero ser tu novia. ¡Adiós!» y se fue.


This is Frank. Frank likes Maria. Frank wanted to be Maria’s boyfriend. He wanted to impress Maria. One day, he invited Maria to his house.

Frank cleaned the house all day. He cleaned the living room. He cleaned the bathroom. He cleaned his bedroom.

Then, Frank made a delicious meal for Maria. Frank made spaghetti. He dumped tomatoes into the sauce. Then, he dumped spices into the sauce. Frank ate a little bit of the sauce and thought, “Mm..delicious!” Then, Frank cleaned the kitchen and left. He went to the bathroom to shower.

Then, Frank’s sister entered the kitchen. Her name was Kiki. Kiki was very naughty and always caused problems for Frank. Kiki saw the sauce that Frank made. She dumped a little bit of the sauce on a plate. She ate a little, and she thought, “Hm, it needs something!”. Kiki dumped chocolate into the sauce. Then, she dumped salmon into the sauce. She cleaned the kitchen and she left.

Frank entered the kitchen and made a salad for Maria. He dumped tomatoes into a bowl. He dumped lettuce into a bowl. He looked at the salad and thought, “How attractive!” Then, he cleaned the kitchen and left. He went to his bedroom to get ready.

Then, Kiki entered the kitchen. She ate a little bit of the salad and thought, “Hm, it needs something!” She dumped hot sauce into the salad. Then, she cleaned the kitchen and left.

(continue with more foods, if desired)

Maria arrived at the house at 7pm. She sat down at the table. Frank gave her spaghetti. She ate it and screamed, “YUCK!”. Then, she dumped it in the trash. Then, she ate some of the salad. She ate it and screamed, “YUCK!” and dumped it in the trash....

(repeat with all foods)

Maria said, “Frank, you are a terrible cook. I don’t want to be your girlfriend. Bye!” and she left.

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