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  1. Hola!
    I wrote the TPRS ancillary for Avancemos. If it is not available to teachers anymore I would ask the publisher to allow me to share the stories in my website. Each level has a component with four stories per lesson and a selection of vocabulary from the main textbook.
    Go to http://TPRSofN.com if you do not know who I am.

    1. Fantastic!!!! The teacher that asked me for suggestions must not have realized that there is a TPRS ancillary out there (neither did I!). I will email her and let her know!

    2. My school purchased the new 2013 Avancemos for Span 1-3–however the TPRS stories do not match the textbook content–so I am reinventing the wheel AGAIN! Is there anybody out there teaching with Avancemos and would be willing to collaborate with me to create new stories. I have 4 different classes to teach and already feel burned out. 🙁

      1. I am working with 3 Avancemos this year. I worked with 2 last year. If you have developed TPRS SPA 3 readings, I would be happy to trade my TPRS SPA 2 readings. I used the TPRS readings from the TPRS ancillary and illustrated them in PPT to make them comprehensible. Please send me an e-mail with TPRS in the subject line and I will send you the first one so that you can see an example of what I have. shererd@clarke.k12.ga.us

    3. Hola yo lo tengo pero no entiendo muy bien como usarlo, usas las historias tal cual estan? crea cada maestro su propia historia/? me gustaria usarlo pero me faltan ideas

      1. Hola Mónica, cada historieta está diseñada para ser usada después de haber enseñado el vocabulario. O sea si haces TPR y PQA con las estructuras y el vocabulario complementario, puedes usar las historietas para storytelling. Mándame un mensaje a piedad@tprsofnj.com y te mando copias de planes por semana, si crees que eso te ayuda.

  2. Martina, I’ve also got stories that have pulled structures from the vocabulary from each unit a la Blaine Ray LICT materials. They have worked really well for me, though feedback I’ve gotten has been the stories are a bit long. (I teach on the block) The documents are kind of long tho I’m happy to share – just not sure if you’d like my six pages for telehistoria escena 1.1 posted at the end of your document.

      1. Kristen,
        I was wondering if you would be willing to share your TPRS stories for Avancemos 3. I have always used a traditional grammar-presentational based curriculum, but I really want to try TPRS this year. If you are willing to share, my email is mariagallagher@fredericaacademy.org. Thanks!
        Maria Gallagher

  3. Anyone out there teaching out of Avancemos IV, I am looking for TPRS readings and lessons built around the readings. I have just started with 4 but I am rather creative and would be happy to exchange lessons for lessons. Last year I taught with Avancemos II and have a cache of stuff made for that level. Please e-mail me at dougsherer@gmail.com

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