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Using stories as a core component of my instruction has given me an endless supply of student-generated content that I can use to create future lesson plans. When your students write stories or informational texts in your classes, you can use their writing to generate new class activities for the future! Ideas applicable to Spanish classes Here are some ways that my students generate content:

  • The class co-creates a TPRS story
  • Students write quick stories for bellwork using a set of vocabulary
  • Students do a free write (traditional, BINGO, 1-3-10, or other)

Once you have this raw content, you can type up the stories and create activities to leave in your sub-plan or fast-finisher stash. You can even use them to create assessments or to do whole-class activities! Here are some activities that you can quickly create from student-generated content:

  • CLOZE passages
  • Storyboards to illustrate
  • Reading with comprehension questions
  • Write an alternate ending
  • Write a new version
  • Write a summary, and then a summary of the summary (shrinking summaries)
  • Print the story out-of-order, students put it in the correct order
  • Expand the story from within (add one new sentence for every two-three sentences; add at least two words to each sentence, etc.)
  • Do a horizontal conjugation

Most recently, I used the class story from Camina y corre  to use in my emergency sub plans for the year: Zombie themed! You can download them here. How have you used student-created stories to create new lessons?

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