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Gazpacho - La Ogra

October 22, 2013

I am going to post this because it is really great. And it's really terrible. Between this and 'What does the fox say?', my mind is just blown. I mean come on! They are insane! Songs about how to make Gazpacho and what a FOX says? They are hilarious and engaging, but PLEASE! What ARE they?! Anyway. I am no longer teaching at BCS, but even if I were I would not show this video because it is not appropriate for Christian schools. If I were teaching in a public school, I am not sure whether or not I would use it just based on my own moral compass. There are a few too many shots of scantily clad women and men for me to feel totally comfortable with it. But there's no complaining about these lyrics! How to use this video and "What does the fox say?" in your class? Well...not MovieTalk! Obviously, you are free to use them however you want, but if you examine what MovieTalk is designed to be, you will see that these movies are not well suited for it because there is no "visible" plot (or any plot at all, in the case of "What does the fox say?"). They are lyric-driven, and while the videos relate to the lyrics, the videos themselves do not tell a story. There are many, many ways to use songs in WL classrooms to further language acquisition, and I would choose an option other than MovieTalk for these gems. For ideas, visit this post by Kristy Placido or this post by me (much less comprehensive than Kristy's!!). To download the three-level embedded reading that I wrote for "Gazpacho" (free), click here. This would be easy to expand into a mini-unit by adding a YouTube tutorial on how to make gazpacho!!

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