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Five Senses Video Notes

May 5, 2014

I'm always trying to think of new song, story, and video-based activities that I can use that don't require me to prepare a specific worksheet or slide for that resource. Ready-to-go activities are great, because you can make class sets of the worksheet ahead of time and leave them in a file in your cabinet. When you find a resource that you want to use in class at the last second and don't have time to run to the copier (or order copies, if that's how your school works), you can just pull them out of your filing cabinet and you're good to go!

Here is one that you will recognize if you've used my Cinco de Mayo plans. Give it to students before they watch a video (music video, short film, feature film clip, commercial, etc.), and have them take notes about what they perceive with their five senses. The 'touch' question refers to what people in the video might touch, so it does work best for videos that have people in them. After kids take notes, you can discuss their perceptions as a class. Ask each question to the class outright, or do a pre-discussion activity like a Gallery Walk in reluctant classes to generate content before you begin the discussion.

Click here to download the free Five Senses .zip file that includes a PDF and editable versions of the file so that you can change the text to your language of instruction--just beware that the fonts will probably not translate to your computer, since I have lots of unique fonts on mine.

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