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Get you some training!

August 30, 2015

I have two collaborative training lists going to help connect TPRS®/CI teachers with training opportunities near them:

  1. TCI training opportunities--formal or informal, paid or free. If you offer or organize a training in your area, please enter its information in this spreadsheet for other teachers to view and access. Please only change information that has been input to the spreadsheet if you are the organizer of the training! Click here to find a training opportunity near you!
  2. Trained TPRS® teachers--find a teacher near you that has attended a formal TPRS® training to observe and/or meet with for collaboration and training. Many of these teachers are willing to travel and have websites and blogs packed with resources (linked in the spreadsheet). Click here to find a trained TPRS® teacher near you! If you are formally trained TPRS® teacher and would like to be on the list, just click here to complete the form!

And stay tuned for a post later today that announces the lucky winner of a class set of novels from TPRS Publishing!!

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