Someone asked me today if I was ever required to submit lesson plans to my administrators. Lucky for me, not really–at least not in a burdensome way. When I was formally observed (twice per year until I was tenured, and then once every three years), I had to submit formal lesson plans for the lesson that my administrator would be observing. Otherwise, I was only required to put together a “Week at a glance” that was available to my admins and to parents. Here is an example of one of a “Week at a Glance” for Spanish 1 (this was from my time at a private school in which I was only teaching M-TH and had a sub every Friday):

Week at a glance Martina Bex the comprehensible classroom
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If you’d like to see an example of a lesson plan that I wrote for one of my formal observations back in 2011, please click here. I used the lesson plan format that I was given in my undergraduate teacher training program at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY, and my administrators were always very pleased with it!

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