This year’s official commercial for the Spanish Christmas Lottery was released early this morning. Kent House shared it on the iFLT/NTPRS/CI Teaching group on Facebook and oh, I am so glad that he did! These commercials make me cry every year. Instead of luck and fortune and indulgence, each year they uphold the values of generosity and community. With recent world tragedies–Paris being the most personal to much of the language teaching community–this commercial/short film would be a beautiful way to start a conversation with your students about caring and about community.

I use several past anuncios in Unit 25 of my Spanish 1 curriculum, which explains the history of the lottery and how it works to students: how one number can have multiple winners (like what happened at the factory in the 2015 anuncio–many people bought portions of a ticket, and their ticket won), how many people win and what they win, the process of drawing and singing the winning numbers, and what happens when someone is left out of a group of winners (unlike Justino in this year’s commercial!). All of the cultural materials are available in a separate unit in case you don’t need the vocabulary introduction piece: so you can purchase the ‘Cuesta demasiado’ unit for $8.00 (10-11 days/102 pages) or the Lottery unit for $5.00 (6-7 days/90 pages). Click on the images below to read more details about what is included in each file:

Click on image to access Christmas lottery unit that includes vocabulary introduction
Click on image to access lesson plans and resources to teach students about the Spanish Christmas lottery without vocab introduction

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  1. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this. My seventh graders LOVED this commercial/story/activities – they are begging me to replay the commercial every day! They are going home and looking up previous commercials. It’s been the most fun week of teaching I’ve ever had – no lie.

  2. Thank you so much- this was such an AMAZING resource. I teach 7-12th grade and I used it in ALL my classes and they were all thrilled and moved. It was great because I was able to have higher level discussions with my juniors and seniors while still giving them some new vocab, and my middle school and 9th graders were able to comprehend all the material, were still challenged and had a BLAST playing ‘la loteria’. I had leftover candy from Halloween, so I have my kids candy when their number won, and someone got ‘El gordo’ in each class- a large handful of candy. We also did a follow-up after the vacation on this year’s winners (2015)- one man in particular was a Senagalese immigrant who had been recently unemployed and was struggling to feed his family.
    Out of curiosity, how long does it take you to create a resource like this?

    1. Thank you so much for this resource! It’s fantastic and leave us with a warm heart. I will use it a.s.a. we return to classes. I also want to mention your generosity to share this resource which represents endless hours of hard work, and for free. This is what I call “tener espiritu.” We all work hard, but sometimes other teachers’ work can aliviate our daily classes if we share what we have done (plus our salaries are not that high so we can donete or buy resources all the time.)
      Gracias y felices fiestas!

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