Time for the obligatory Christmas post! I have found plenty of new activities that you can consider adding to your lessons about traditions in Spanish speaking countries (and even a couple for Francophone countries, hey-o!)

Well, that should give you enough reading to waste effectively use your planning period. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Hola Martina! We met at the Minnesota iFLT conference & I really enjoyed your presentations & I use a lot of your resources from TPT. Would you give me permission to use the circling template you put on TPT for a January training day in Fulton County, GA? My school wants to give fellow WL teachers a glimpse of TPRS in action.
    Kristin Haak

  2. “Well, that should give you enough reading to waste effectively use your planning period.”

    Girl, it’s like you just read my mind. I’m on my planning period right now and of course, had to come to your site! 🙂

  3. I bought your Sorteo de Navidad unit on Monday to prep the Justino commercial, and I’m just loving all the different activities and connections you’ve included! Such engaging lesson plans. Mil gracias!

  4. The link for Kristin Duncan’s Little Acts of Kindness doesn’t work any longer. It looks like she deleted the blog. You wouldn’t happen to have a description of what she did?

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