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Wordoku de Noël

December 2, 2015

Ask and ye shall receive! Beth Lemoine wasted no time translating my Spanish Christmas Wordoku to French after my Christmas activities post late last night. She is a translating maniac! French teachers, y'all need to send the lady a fruit basket!! I am so grateful for the time that she puts into translating materials from Spanish to French and shares them with me to share with y'all!

The original Christmas Wordoku was a version of one posted by Deb Blaz on the FLTeach listserv in 2011. In an attempt to make it more input-friendly, I turned the answer key into a little reading. In a dream world, students would be reciting the reading in their heads as they check each row, column, and box of nine squares for each of the vocabulary words. But who can say what actually goes on inside students' heads? One of my former students just numbered each word and solved it like a traditional Wordoku. I told him that that defeated the purpose of the activity, but like I said...can't control what the kiddos do in their heads. Wordokus are fun and a great challenge for high aptitude students, but I won't kid myself into thinking that they have huge value for language acquisition. Good for fast finishers and filler activities, though!

Click on image to access Wordoku

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