Beth Lemoine is at it again! Seriously, if you teach French anywhere New Orleans, you need to swing by her school with a bottle of wine (I’m told that would be preferable to a fruit basket ;-)). Well, maybe don’t bring it to school; that could get her in trouble. The point is, she has translated ANOTHER resource from Spanish to French for everyone to use! (She translated the Christmas Wordoku earlier this week after reading my Christmas activities post, and she translated the Monster Mad Libs a few months ago, among other things!)

Dustin Williamson created a bunch of fantastic resources in Spanish to accompany the cartoon “Simon’s Cat – Santa Claws” (click here to see his original post from last year), and Beth has translated both the short PowerPoint reading with visuals and the extended reading into French. Dustin and I are both posting the link to the folder that contains the files on our blogs in hopes that French teachers far and wide stumble upon the activities! Click here to download the reading and PPT en français!

Le chat de Simon readings and activities shared by The Comprehensible Classroom

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  1. Hi Martina! Very cute activity, however I think there is a typo. I’m not sure why the teacher put “est disparu” instead of “a disparu” on slide 5. I could be wrong, so I didn’t want to post in the comments, but I would ask her about it. I didn’t know how to direct contact her.

    Just a heads up! Thanks! Sam

  2. Hi Martina,
    I agree with Samantha Uebel’s comment about the typo. I think there is another one, also. It occurs in the text-only version, in the sentence following “Ce n’était pas la nourriture!” It says “Le chat a continue a jouer…” but I think it should be “Le chat a continué a jouer…” Something to ask about, as Samantha mentioned.

    Also, I notice that the text in the illustrated version is different from the text in the text-only version (or am I hallucinating?) Is that the way it is supposed to be?

    Many thanks, and many thanks to the translator as well!


  3. This is a wonderful resource!
    Would it be possible to make a present tense version to use with level 1 students?

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