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Sub Plans for French Classes

February 2, 2016

The good thing about my daughter holding off on her arrival is that it has given our family time to get healthy. But, okay, I'm at 40 weeks and the coughs and runny noses are gone so...come on, little lady!

If you teach French and, like me, have found yourself stricken with a mid-winter illness, I have a cure! Well, for the teaching French part, anyway--not so much the illness. Megan Murphy emailed me the  French translations of two of my Emergency Sub Plans. They are now in the French folder in our Subscriber Library!

Additionally, Cécile Lainé just finished up the translations of my Zombie Sub Plans (click here to view). Unfortunately, we couldn't find an awesome zombie infograph in French to comprehensify for the French version of the bundle (click here to view the original Spanish bundle), but I will keep looking!

None of these activities require a French-speaking sub, and so they work well to leave with your school admin as emergency plans! ENJOY!

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