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Who is going to iFLT16?

March 7, 2016

Hundreds of teachers entered, but only ONE emerged victorious. iFLT 2016 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, promises to be an incredible conference experience. With both Stephen Krashen AND Bill VanPatten in attendance, it might as well be considered a crash course in second language acquisition research and theory! Combine their presentations with a full four-day schedule of workshops from master TPRS®/CI teachers from across the globe, and you can see why I worked as hard as I did to convince my husband that I would be ready to travel again by the time July rolls around. Saying "Register now! It fills up fast!" sounds cliché, but it is true. If you want to attend iFLT, you need to register soon. Like, really soon. The conference organizers limit registration so that attendees are guaranteed personal attention as they work with coaches to practice the skills that they learn about in conference sessions. Last year, there was a long wait list, and some teachers even drove to the conference on Day 1 hoping that they would be able to snag a spot from a no-show! I love that they keep this conference small enough for me to be able to sit in a classroom and watch someone like Grant Boulanger (2016 Minnesota World Language Teacher of the Year) teach a real group of students, or to receive coaching in a small group setting from Michele Whaley (2016 PNCFL Teacher of the Year) or Darcy Pippins (2016 SWCOLT Teacher of the Year). (Click here to see a complete list of teachers, presenters, and coaches.) Click here to register NOW!! ...well, unless of course you are REBECCA WATERS and you just won a FREE registration to iFLT 2016 from me! Rebecca, email me to work out registration details! Everyone else...start sweet talking your admins for professional development funding ;-)...and register soon! Free registration to iFLT 2016 in Chattanooga TN  

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