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Digital readings for students & giveaway winners!

September 27, 2017

Guess what?! You know how you wrote all those super comprehensible mini-stories last week in order to enter the book giveaway? Well...I've turned them into a little digital reading activity for you to share with your students. So even if you aren't one of the big winners, you still win because you can put some cute stories in the hands of your students. Yessssss!!!!!

But first, here are the contest winners--Congratulations!

I will be emailing all five winners to get mailing addresses for the Mira Canion novels and Nancy White Carlstrom children's books.

As for the little stories, I have separated the Spanish ones into five little forms and a sixth form in French. (There weren't enough English entries to put together a form.) Please feel free to share these links with your students! If you have a homework choice board or other homework-type activity for which students have to do out-of-class language work, one of these would be a great option! Just have students take a screen shot of the "Your response has been submitted" page as proof that they did it--if you need that. You could also save these for a rainy day or sub day and have students complete one or more of them in class, or you could send them out to your students to do for fun on their own if they want to read in Spanish outside of class. And of course YOU can also submit a form, too!

Please also let your students know that if they enter their email address (which is optional!), I will put them on a mailing list for Spanish stories. I'm going to sort through the story endings that are submitted and share them with the mailing list. We will keep voting on the best ending and continuing the story. My hope is that it will be a great way to get accessible readings to students that are looking for Spanish fun outside of class!

Here are the Spanish links:

Lecturas #1

Lecturas #2

Lecturas #3

Lecturas #4

Lecturas #5

Here is the French link:

Lectures en français


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