The news is my very favorite source for engaging content for classes. So many teachers reported success with the Correcaca story, so I was very excited when Emily Huff (of Paloma Blanca fame) tagged me on Twitter last week with this story about an elderly woman in Columbus that trained her SIXTY FIVE CATS to steal small valuables from her neighbors. As it turns out, the story is fake (bummer–but a great opportunity for learning to discern between fake and real stories…and to check the veracity of a story before you share it…oops).

I shared the story here on the Revista Literal website, so any of your students that have subscribed will get the story delivered to their inboxes 🙂 If you want to have it for class use or in your library, you can snag a PDF of the article here. As Emily observed when she originally shared the news story, it makes a great companion piece for anyone teaching the Dusty el ‘cleptógato’ story!

Enjoy 🙂 


      1. Martina would you be ok with me translating this into French!!?? I can send it to you when finished! If you don’t mind I would like to post it on my TPT as a free download and credit you as original story writer in Spanish!

  1. I am still going to use this story….on April Fools day!! 🙂 Maybe I’ll do the Klepto cat story & this one & then have kids vote for the true story…..and them have them write a wild story about weird animal behavior!!

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