I just published the second issue of LITERAL, a free e-zine for Spanish students! Encouraging your students to subscribe to LITERAL is a great opportunity to get them excited about reading outside of class. All stories are written by students (individuals or classes) and edited to maximize comprehensibility.

Click on this image to access the post!

3 replies on “LITERAL: December 2017 issue is available for download!

  1. Hey Martina,

    If my students submit or subscribe will they get an email as confirmation? Some of them just wrote some great stories and I’d love to have them submit for extra credit but I need some kid of proof. I’d also like to do the same for subscribing.

    1. They could take screen shots of their “your response has been submitted” page or you can email me and ask for confirmation that students have submitted. As for subscribing/Reading, check out StackUp http://www.stackup.net/! Noah Geisel introduced it to me. Anyone that submits a story that is PUBLISHED will get a certificate of publication from me 🙂

  2. Martina what an awesome idea this is. I will definitely share with my students. You are such an inspiration!

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