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Language teacher training in Vermont, August 2018

May 18, 2018

I am thrilled to be participating in this year's Express Fluency Language Teacher training in South Burlington, Vermont this summer, and I hope you will join me! Join Martina Bex at Express Fluency language teacher training in Burlington, VT this summer! Like iFLT, NTPRS, and Comprehensible Cascadia, Express Fluency offers this annual summer training for language teachers that are looking to learn how to help their students understand the language that they are using in class (how to 'comprehensify' input), the impact that an increased focus on INput instead of OUTput can have on language acquisition, and what it looks like day to day to make this shift in instruction. Register now before the June 1 price increase! LEARN Each morning, participants will observe language classes taught by Master Teachers (Elissa McLean, Annabelle Allen, Mike Peto, Tina Hargaden, Anna Gilcher, and Justin Slocum-Bailey) from around the country. I am so glad that this and other conferences have followed in iFLT's footsteps in offering language labs, because truly it is the BEST way for teachers and admins (yes! bring your admins!) to develop a vision for what a Comprehension Based language course can look like on a daily basis. This opportunity to be a fly on the wall in these teachers' rooms will impact your teaching and increase your confidence moving into the coming school year. And if you'd prefer to be more than a fly on the wall, you are invited to enroll in one of the classes as a student! Each afternoon, attendees will participate in more traditional workshops to learn how to hone their craft. I will be presenting all week in the afternoons, and I am planning to organize something at my house specifically for teachers that are using SOMOS to collaborate (I live 5 minutes away from the conference site). In additional to sessions applicable to teachers of any language, there will be special sessions for Latin and Mandarin teachers. COLLABORATE Because Express Fluency is a small conference (100 teacher limit), attendees are easily able to connect with each other and with presenters. Elissa (the brains behind Express Fluency) organizes social gatherings in the evening, and Burlington is a really fun city with great food options and fantastic outdoor recreation: we have lake life, mountain life, and city life. VISIT MONTREAL Did you know that Burlington is just an hour and a half away from Montreal? This is a great opportunity for French teachers (or French learners) to get in a full week of teacher training and then tack on a weekend excursion to Montreal! (You could even pop over the border one evening after classes end; it is a very quick and easy trip!) BRING YOUR FAMILY! The children of teacher participants can take the language classes for only $50.00 for the 4 days. I just realized YESTERDAY that my oldest child will be old enough (6) to join in this year! What does that mean? MY SON GETS TO HAVE ANNABELLE ALLEN AS A TEACHER! I am SO excited!! He is going to have the funnest week of his LIFE! There are several different language class offerings, so be sure to check them out and find the best fit for your kiddos here (and if you know anyone in the area, share this opportunity with them! Only participants get the discounted family rate though!). Don't have kids? Bring a grown-up friend or family member to vacation in Burlington with you, and have them enroll in a language class to get a taste of what you do every day!! I hope to see YOU in Burlington this August -- register before June 1 to get the best rate! Can't make these dates work for your calendar? Catch me all week at iFLT in Cincinnati or on Friday at NTPRS!

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