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#MyFives: World language teachers I followed in 2018

December 26, 2018

I'm closing out 2018 with FIVE blog posts, each one featuring a collection of FIVE fast and furious reflections on 2018 or glances toward the future.

Shout out to #teachersofinstagram - Wrap up #2018 with some #reflections. Share your list each day with #MyFives #langchat

I invite you to join me by sharing your #MyFives each day in your own way: blog them, tweet them, Facebook them, comment them, Insta them...however you share, share!

  • DEC 26: Top 5 Teachers I followed
  • DEC 27: Top 5 Blog posts I recommend
  • DEC 28: Top 5 Ways I learned
  • DEC 29: Top 5 Lessons I loved
  • DEC 30: Top 5 Goals for 2019

#MyFives Day 1: Teachers I followed in 2018

FIVE language teachers that I followed in 2018...and I will keep following in 2019! #MyFives Day 1 #langchat

Here are FIVE language teachers that I followed in 2018:

Anne Marie Chase

Where to find Anne Marie

Anne Marie Chase blogs at

How I found Anne Marie

Pinterest! Someone that I follow pinned a post to her blog (if you're blogging, please do the world a favor and include an image in each of your posts! It will allow Pinterest users like me to easily Pin and share your posts that we want to save!).

Why I'll keep following Anne Marie

Anne Marie has amazing ideas. She comes up with games and activities that are totally new to me and different than anything that I have done before. She injects novelty into my practice. Her posts are super thorough, so I can easily visualize whatever it is that she is sharing; whether it is an activity, a specific lesson, or a reflection. She shares images and videos to support her written instructions, and her blog is full of FREE content!

Looking for more blogs to follow? Find me on Bloglovin' and follow who I follow!

Think YOU might want to start a blog? Read my perspective here!

Christy Lade

Where to find Christy

Christy shares accesible strategies on her Facebook page, Christy's Classroom.

How I found Christy

I have known Christy for a long time now– you probably do, too, if you spend any amount of time in the SOMOS Facebook group or the Wooly Facebook group...or the Fluency Matters Novels group...or the CI Liftoff group....or the iFLT/NTPRS/CI teaching facebook group. Christy has been sharing and supporting teachers in Indiana and beyond for years! I found her Facebook page when she shared one of her Page posts about Weekend Chat in one of the aforementioned facebook groups.

Why I'll keep following Christy

Christy's page is true to its name: she shares pictures and videos from her classroom, accompanied by explanations. If you want to see what a comprehension based classroom looks like and what happens in comprehension based courses, I know that you will love this facebook page, too!

Looking for similar Facebook pages to follow? Check out Comprendes Méndez SpanishShop. Check out Comprendes Méndez SpanishShop.

JJ Epperson

Where to find JJ

JJ is the Jota Jota behind the "Señora Jota Jota" blog.

How I found JJ

I have no idea, but find her I did!

Why I'll keep following JJ

JJ blogs about Assessments, activities, units, struggles, successes, motivation, music, brain breaks, classroom set up...she shares it all! I find this so helpful, because I can get a full picture of what JJ's classes are like and how each individual thing that she shares fits into that big picture.

Sarah Breckley

Where to find Sarah

Sarah Vlogs at

How I found Sarah

I discovered Sarah's Vlog when she vlogged about asking a story based on the Shut the door! story script. (I get a notification whenever another Wordpress user has linked a page from my blog--this is one of my favorite ways to "find" new bloggers...and follow!)

Why I'll keep following Sarah

Sarah is undeniably fun to watch, but that's not the reason I'll keep watching her videos in the coming year. I'll keep watching because she test drives ideas! She has said, "I'll try anything once!". Although I have students again, I don't have a classroom full of adolescents. I often read ideas online, but I rarely have an opportunity to try them out. Enter Sarah! She will try anything once--and film it for us to see! This can help other teachers decide whether it's worth their time to try it out, and it helps us visualize ideas.

Ashley Uyaguari

Where to find Ashley

Ashley publishes the Inspired Proficiency Podcast.

How I found Ashley

I first found Ashley when Maris mentioned her facebook group. I was excited to get to learn with Ashley in a new way when she launched her Inspired Proficiency Podcast earlier this year.

Why I'll keep following Ashley

Because I do most of my at-home learning via reading, I love this opportunity to switch it up and learn by listening. Many of her guests are ones that I am familiar with, and hearing their voices answering questions and communicating ideas in real time helps me to better understand where they are coming from as well as the intent and the heart behind the ideas. Ashley interviews guests from many different instructional contexts on a wide range of topics. I'm looking forward to the inspiration that she will bring in 2019!

Looking for other great language teaching podcasts to follow? Check out We Teach Languages.

Your turn!

How did you follow in 2018 that you are excited to keep learning with in the coming year?

If you can come up with a list of FIVE teachers or other influencers, great! If not, post as many as you can.

Share your list of teachers TODAY with #MyFives #langchat, and keep sharing as the year winds down:

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