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Q&A Recorded FB LIVE Session - January 2019

January 16, 2019

Whether you are just beginning to Dip your Toes into the waters of comprehension based teaching or are a seasoned pro looking for hacks and novelty, you've got questions!

Get your questions answered in LIVE Q&As

There is no one right way to teach comprehensibly, and hearing many different perspectives will help you to develop your own, unique style that best fits you, your students, and your instructional context.

Over the last year, I have done a few LIVE Q&As on Facebook. As you attend these sessions (or watch the replay!), consider the answers that I offer. Then, consider whether my answers are a good fit for you, your students, and your instructional context. Consider how you might be able to adapt what I have done to what you can and want to do. There is not one right answer to any question, so use these sessions as an opportunity to reflect on your own practice.

Thank you to everyone that brought burning questions to my January 1 Facebook Live Q&A session! I love any chance I get to connect with all of you. Personal conversations (even through live streaming events) reinvigorate, refresh, and inspire me! I left with some new ideas brewing and am thankful for the ideas all of you shared with me and the rest of the group who tuned in live.

Watch the recorded Q&A Session

If you were unable to tune in and participate, or if you want to re-listen to bits, you will find here the (slightly) edited recorded session and a time key. This will help you scan through and listen to the conversations surrounding the questions which are of most interest to you.

Question Time Stamps from LIVE Q&A

:55   If you are new to SOMOS, where do you start?

2:30.  Where do you start in SOMOS if you teach levels 2 or 3?

3:10.   What is card talk?

6:15.   This is my first novel, any tips?

7:15.   Mis clases locas hyperlink

8:12.   Are you planning on creating anything beyond level 2?

9:30.   I am new to SOMOS, and I only have SOMOS level 1. Can I use it for my level 1 and level 2 classes?

11:30.   What is the status of the Collaboration Drive?

11:55   Most of my classes are between 20-33 students, but I have one with 6 students. Tips for tiny classes?

14:20. How long do you typically spend on one novel?

18:18   What resources are there for units on myths and legends?

19:50   How can I use CI with AP?

22:50.  Recommended activities as we start back after a break that pull from the target structures that the students have already learned?

26:32.   How do you plan out for 90 Minute Blocks?

28:45   What is the singing ninja?

32:40.  Would you recommend the SOMOS curriculum for adult classes that meet once per week?

34:14. Top organization / time management tips for teacher-moms with little kids?

37:30.  Once per week, one hour class strategies?

38:00. Thoughts on story telling / story asking on the second half of a block day?

39:05.  Tell us more about Strip Bingo?

42:10.  Will more French units be completed soon?

43:18.  Where can I find great sub plans?

43:35   If you are teaching a novel, do you need the teachers guide?

45:30.  What is your blog URL?

45:40   What is Donors Choose?

46:00.  What Facebook groups are there for support on teaching through Novels?

46:30.  Suggestions for getting students understanding verb conjugations and other tenses and to get them writing?

51:00. What do you do about the teachers in upper levels who expect students to know grammar, conjugations and tenses?

53:56.  Does CI prepare students for district exams?

You can view the full length live session and all streaming comments HERE.

I am slowly working through editing, creating time keys, and adding past live Q&A sessions to my blog. In the meantime, you can check out the unedited Facebook Live sessions right on Facebook.

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