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TpT Sale is coming: 3 tips to get ready

May 2, 2021


...and almost time for TeachersPayTeachers' annual Teacher Appreciation Sale. The Comprehensible Classroom is IN! On May 4-5, teachers can save up to 25% on EVERY product that we sell: lesson plans, curriculum bundles, digital resources... everything!

Knowing that you can get a deal NOW can sometimes leave to frantic shopping. With a few days of lead time for this sale, however, you can make a plan and shop with confidence. Here are my three big tips to shop smart:

Tip #1: Leave reviews

Teachers Pay Teachers will trade you credits for your reviews!

All you need to do is hop over to 'My Purchases', then leave meaningful reviews for all of your past purchases. Be sure to leave a unique, thoughtful comment for each one so that your comments don't get marked as spam and later deleted!

For every $1 that you spend on TpT, you earn 1 TpT credit when you review the product. Each TpT credit has a value of $.05, so 20 credits = $1 that you can apply toward your next purchase. Before each TpT sale, go through and review all of your past purchases to maximize your spending power on sale day! Learn more here.

Reviewing each product as "EXTREMELY SATISFIED" will give the product a 5-star rating and let other buyers know that you recommend the product!

Tip #2: Determine what you're shopping for

There are LOTS of nifty products on TpT - but you don't want to get distracted by shiny objects! Before sale day, determine what exactly you will be shopping for. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you plan:

  1. Am I buying things to use this year or planning ahead for next year? Or both?
  2. What instructional setting am I buying for: classroom instruction, digital teaching, or both?
  3. Do I need a comprehensive plan (a curriculum), or do I need pieces that I can plug into the curriculum that I'm already using and loving?

Lucky for you, we've got an easy way to help you find resources based on your answers to those questions! If you are looking for comprehensive curriculum, check out our CURRICULUM MATCHMAKER to find the resources that you need for your classes:

Use the curriculum matchmaker to find the resources you need for teaching this year

Need specifics? Here are our Top Six Products to purchase during the sale:

The original Somos 1 curriculum for Novice-range Spanish learners is designed for classroom learning in middle and high school settings.

The original Somos 2 curriculum for emerging Intermediate-range Spanish learners is designed for classroom learning in middle and high school settings.

The Somos 1 FLEX curriculum for Novice-range Spanish learners is designed for Virtual and Hybrid teaching.

The Somos 2 FLEX curriculum for Novice-range Spanish learners is designed for Virtual and Hybrid teaching.

Purchase El mundo en tus manos to receive Bi-Weekly news summaries written for Novice and Intermediate-range students, plus digital activities for each article!

This Springtime Celebrations bundle contains our existing Digital resources for Springtime Celebrations (Semana Santa and Cinco de Mayo), and we will add more/adapt them as the semester continues!

In addition, you can browse our TOP SELLERS Shopping Catalog for ideas.

Tip #3: Ask questions

If you're not sure if a resource will be a good fit for your situation, reach out to the Teacher Author and/or ask for advice from other teachers that may have used the resource!

The best way to get answers to your purchasing questions is to email Support. Let us know what product you are thinking about and a little bit about your situation, and we can answer your questions!

You can also attend our Facebook LIVE event on Monday night, May 3 at 8PM EDT / 5PM PDT. Martina will be LIVE to answer any questions you have about Comprehension-based teaching, the Somos Curriculum, and anything else you want to know! We'll be LIVE in the Somos Curriculum Collaboration group (click here!).

You can also join our Somos Curriculum Collaboration Facebook group to ask questions to other teachers that are using our resources. Typically, we redirect all purchasing questions to email support, but we'll be taking questions in the group in the days leading up to the sale to help you get answers quickly!

Giveaways all week long

Last tip! This week, we'll be giving away a big prize and a little prize each day AND offering a daily deal. The emails are all scheduled and ready to arrive in your inbox... if you're a subscriber! Click here to get on our mailing list to get these deals!

Can't wait to celebrate YOU!

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