We strive to respond to emails with specific product concerns and workshop requests within 48 hours.

All emails are ticketed and responded to in order of urgency. To find answers to your questions quickly, please utilize the following resources before emailing us:

If you have questions about TPRS®, Comprehensible Input, implementation, or general language teaching, please post them in the IFLT/NTPRS/CI Teaching Facebook group.
If you have questions about the SOMOS curriculum, please post them in the SOMOS Curriculum Collaboration Facebook group.

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  1. I purchased your Jigsaw, but I am having a hard time printing it because it is bigger than a regular page and it is cutting the last column. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. I love your posters! Im starting a position teaching grades K -8, and I would like to make one
    of my bulletin boards about Mexico. Do you know where I can purchase or find a poster-sized map of Mexico? The only one I have found is through Teacher’s Discovery, and it’s very expensive!

  3. Hi, Martina. Do you travel to the Seattle area for workshops? Our Christian school participates in ACTS (association of Christian Schools and Teachers) conferences every year. In my years of attending there has never been any WL seminars. I have purchased several of your plans and used ideas from many other blogs, attended a couple of Blaine’s workshops but would really like to get something at one of our conferences.

  4. You mentioned to me in another post that you were putting on document on your drive. I feel like such a dummy but I can’t figure out how to find it! Can you help me please? 🙂

  5. Hi Martina. I purchased your SOMOS Units 1-5 on TpT last night. I can’t get the pdf files to open despite trying all the ways I know. Can you point me to some help in troubleshooting this. I haven’t had problems before. Computer is up to date. Thanks!

      1. Hi Martina, I am the one having trouble opening the zipped files. Thank you for all that you do with your blog, products, etc. Blows me away how you do that with three littles and one on the way, but I am grateful! Alicia Henager

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  6. How can I contact you. I sent an email to get a price to get entire curriculum for Spanish 1 and 2 and never got a reply.

  7. Do you have any advice for about native speakers in the class. They sometimes ruin it for the others and get bored.

  8. Hi Martina, Love your blog – so inspiring. Many thanks. My question: Do you have a set activity for Back to School Night for parents? I often like to put the parents in the kids’ shoes and give them some sort of a lesson….wondering if you have anything that you’ve done in the past. I teach High School. Many thanks!

  9. hi… I was wondering about the weekly readings, I have bought them all and I was wondering if you are going to release more. They are fantastic.

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