Thief! A game to practice physical descriptions and direct object pronouns

I shared this game on my blog many years ago, and I'm posting it an updated version today since it is so buried in the archives. "Thief" is a game that I first learned about from Michele Whaley, who read about it in a post by Jeremy Jordan on the MoreTPRS listserv. I have historically used … Continue reading Thief! A game to practice physical descriptions and direct object pronouns

Word Race Stories

Generate comprehensible input and provide opportunities for output from a traditional vocabulary-review game that is played with a partner! This activity makes for a great sub plan component, even when your sub doesn't speak the target language. PREPARE THE WORD RACE STORY WORKSHEET To get started, download the game template here! Once you've got the … Continue reading Word Race Stories

Was passt nicht?

BIG EXCITING NEWS. The Comprehensible Classroom is officially debuting its first-ever GERMAN activity! Oh yeah! Thanks to Brigitte Kahn for sending along the German translations of 'Un sapo de otro pozo' (follow the link for game instructions)...for all you German teachers out there, download the full German PDF here! Brigitte, you rock!!! Thank you!!! If … Continue reading Was passt nicht?

Summer plans

Although I am not teaching this year, I've been thinking a lot about the last few weeks of school as my former colleagues muscle through the last two weeks here in Anchorage. As a middle school teacher, the best adjective for those last two weeks was CRAZY! The amount of daylight here in Alaska combined with the … Continue reading Summer plans