Question word posters en français and new additions

Yippee Yay! Dana Wilson emailed me most of the French translations of my Spanish question word posters earlier this week, and Catherine Ousselin (@CatherineKU72) helped me out with a few more! Mercy beau coup! Click on the image to download the file. What else is new for the 2015 school year? Check out these recently … Continue reading Question word posters en français and new additions

Story characters poster from Spanish Cuentos

If you have never visited Spanish Cuentos, today is the day! I had the great pleasure of meeting Profe Craig Klein at CSCTFL 2014, and I was amazed by the student work that he shared in his presentation. As an elementary teacher that uses TPRS® and sees his students for just the smallest amount of … Continue reading Story characters poster from Spanish Cuentos

…and even more posters!

I no longer teach traditional "thematic units" (ex: places around town, food & dining, etc.): instead, I plan my units around high frequency vocabulary and pull in other vocabulary as it naturally comes up. My students have had great success with this instructional focus, and there are a few tricks that I've incorporated to make sure that we … Continue reading …and even more posters!

…and more posters!

Here are yet two more sets of posters (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ANY POSTERS FROM MY GOOGLE DRIVE POSTERS FOLDER.) True/Kind/Necessary signs: With regard to controlling your tongue (gossip, in particular), my Pastor always says to ask yourself these questions: (1) Is it true?, (2) Is it kind?, and (3) Is it necessary?. These are three important … Continue reading …and more posters!