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L'heure | Telling time in French notes and reading

Lesson plans, notes and reading for telling time in French

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
25 Pages
90 minutes

This lesson plan bundle is designed to teach your French 1 students how to tell the time in French.


  • Guided notes with fill-in guide
  • A Spanish-language reading targeting time expressions (provided as a projectable Slides resource and a reproducible worksheet)
  • A reading activity
  • A class schedule discussion activity
  • A communicative activity
  • Answer keys
  • Lesson plans
  • PAPERLESS notes and worksheet pages in Google Slides

These activities will fill 90-120 minutes of class time. The product download is a PDF that contains a clickable link to a Drive folder that holds all resources.

  • My students found the notes helpful and enjoyed the story. I had them underline/highlight the time expressions as they cam across them in the story. The last activity was great. thank you!

    Kathryn M.
  • Thank you! This was a great no prep lesson plan to add a time lesson in to Unit 3. I added a numbers discussion which supported Nous Sommes Unit 3 perfectly.

    Megan S.
  • This is a great resource to reinforce telling time. We have been working on orally discussing the time of certain classes in their schedules. This was a great tie in to that topic. Students were easily able to understand the story.

  • A perfect resource to introduce telling time to my novice learners ! I loved the CI approach to what can generally be a tricky concept for learners to understand.

    Victoria L.
  • I've used this resource for years and have loved it as have students, but I LOVE the new digital update. What a helpful, time-saving addition ! Thank you.

    Nikki M.

L'heure | Telling time in French notes and reading


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