Choose Your Target

For my student’s writing assessment today, I allowed them to “choose their target”. I gave them the expectation for what Advanced, Proficient, and Developing skill level would look like and let them choose how to proceed.

ADVANCED: I can write a new version of the story. (Student demonstrates that s/he can apply the structures to new situations.)

PROFICIENT: I can write the story accurately from memory. (Student demonstrates that s/he has acquired the structures.)

DEVELOPING: I can write the story accurately with vocabulary clues. (Student demonstrates that s/he is able to use the structures in context, but has not yet acquired them completely.) I explained to students that if they don’t remember this week’s words, then this is what they should choose, because I will give them a small vocabulary list.

I did not allow students to aim for “Emerging” or “Beginning”. The students that receive those evaluations will be those that are not able to write the story correctly even with vocabulary support.

I decided to do this because my lower students get hung up on the vocabulary that they can’t remember and don’t end up writing anything, so I have nothing to assess! This way, I am still able to assess their writing skills, knowing that vocabulary acquisition needs some work.

2 thoughts on “Choose Your Target

  1. Julie Adelman says:

    This is a great way to differentiate!

    Do you provide the vocabulary list with English translations for students who choose the Developing target?

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