I updated my Free Write Form yesterday after a great conversation in our Electives team meeting about curriculum alignment and collaboration in our building. The Language Arts Department instructs and assesses student work based on the Six Traits Writing model, and next year all students will be given a universal writing screener that all faculty will be expected to grade together. I modified the rubric embedded in my free write form so that I can better support core classes and reinforce writing strategies that students are using in those classes. I also included language from Scott Benedict’s writing rubrics. Although the form says “Free Write” at the top, I use the rubric to assess all student writing, whether it is focused or free.

Update: 5/14/2013

I haven’t used this form since last school year, since I aligned my rubrics with ACTFL Proficiency Standards. Not a bad idea to keep this one around, though, because it gives students different feedback. Perhaps this one would be better for formative assessments and the new one for summative? Download my new form here. (It includes the old form and new forms with rubrics for Spanish A, B, and 2A.)


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  1. Hi Martina! I like your rubric in this document, and have a question about the length… What do you recommend for 6th and 7th graders (Spanish 1)?

  2. My Spanish A students have a target of 50 words on their final, and my Spanish B students have a target of 75 words. During the year, however, their “targets” are determined by taking their previous Free Write word count and adding 5 or 10, depending on how long it has been since the last free write (the more time that has passed, the more vocab we’ve learned and they should be able to use).

  3. Ms. Martina,

    I don’t see the link to your newer free write rubric. Where should I look? Thank you!

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