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Buscando un animal doméstico

November 22, 2011

I think that the original version of this script came from someone on Ben Slavic's blog back in the day....perhaps it was written by Anne Matava? He used to post a lot of her scripts. I modified it somehow, but I don't really remember what the original was anymore. If anyone remembers the source for sure, please let me know! The great thing about this script is that it is SO easy to modify to suit your vocabulary needs--this year, I am teaching "is afraid" instead of "yells", since my students already know that, but you could focus on "wants to touch" or "runs away/flees", "approaches", or "throws"...just switch out structures that your students already know and focus on different structures, instead.



  1. mira - s/he looks at
  2. grita - s/he yells (shouts) OR tiene miedo - is afraid
  3. hacia - toward


  1. Mi hermano mira la televisión todos los días. My brother watches TV every day
  2. Mi mamá le grita porque él no es activo. My mom yells at him because he's not active.
  3. Mi hermano camina hacia la puerta. My brother walks toward the door.
  4. Cuando mi mamá no le mira, mi hermano se sienta en el sofá. When my mom isn't looking at him, my brother sits down on the couch.
  5. Mi mamá camina hacia mi hermano, y él corre en la otra dirección. My mom walks toward my brother, and he runs in the other direction.
  6. Mi hermano tiene miedo de mi mamá. My brother is afraid of my mom.


  1. ¿Tú miras el programa «American Idol» en la televisión? Do you watch the program American Idol on TV?
  2. ¿Tu mamá te grita cuando miras mucha televisión? Does your mom yell at you when you watch a lot of TV?
  3. ¿El profesor grita cuando caminas hacia la puerta? The teacher yells when you walk to the door?
  4. ¿Prefieres ir en carro hacia Fairbanks o hacia Seward? Do you prefer to go in car toward Fairbanks or toward Seward?
  5. ¿Tú tienes miedo de elefantes? Are you afraid of elephants?


  1. ¿Qué programas de televisión miras? ¿Por qué te gustan? What TV programs do you watch? Why do you like them?
  2. Guessing game: Yo miro un programa con ___. ¿Cuál es? I watch a program with __ (a vampire/a mean doctor/etc). What is it?
  3. ¿Qué haces cuando otros estudiantes te miran en la clase? What do you do when other students look at you in class?
  4. ¿Prefieres mirar películas __ o __? (de horror/de romance/misteriosas/etc) Do you prefer to watch __ or __ movies (horror/romance/mysterious/etc)?
  5. ¿Quién te grita mucho? ¿Por qué? Who yells at you a lot? Why?
  6. ¿A quién le gritas tú? Why do you yell at?
  7. Give directions: Camina hacia la puerta. Mira hacia la ventana. Etc. Walk toward the door. Look toward the window. Etc.

SCRIPT Zethan quiere un animal doméstico. Él busca un animal doméstico en el zoológico. Zethan ve un tigre. Zethan mira el tigre y el tigre mira a Zethan. Zethan quiere el tigre, así que camina hacia el tigre. Pero el tigre es malo y el tigre lo muerde. Zethan grita, «¡Ahh!» y corre en la otra dirección. Entonces, Zethan ve otro animal. Zethan ve un mono. Zethan mira el mono y el mono mira a Zethan. Zethan quiere el mono, así que camina hacia el mono. Pero el mono es malo y tira bananas a Zethan. Zethan grita, «¡Ahh!» y corre en la otra dirección. Entonces, Zethan ve otro animal. Zethan ve una jirafa. Zethan mira la jirafa y la jirafa mira a Zethan. Zethan quiere la jirafa, así que camina hacia la jirafa. Como la jirafa no es mala, la jirafa canta «Los pollitos dicen». Zethan grita, «¡Ah-ha! Tú eres el animal doméstico perfecto» y lleva la jirafa a su casa. ENGLISH Zethan wants a pet. He looks for a pet at the zoo. First, he sees a tiger. He looks at the tiger, and the tiger looks at him. Zethan wants the tiger, so he walks toward the tiger. But the tiger is bad and bites him. He yells AHH! and runs away. Then, Zethan sees another animal. He sees a monkey. He looks at the monkey, and the monkey looks at him. Zethan wants the monkey, so he walks toward the monkey. But the monkey is bad and throws bananas at him, so Zethan yells AHH and runs away. Then, Zethan sees another animal. He sees a giraffe. He looks at the giraffe, and the giraffe looks at him. Zethan wants the giraffe, so he walks toward the giraffe. The giraffe is not bad and he sings "Los pollitos dicen". Zethan yells, "Ah-ha! You are the perfect pet" and he takes the giraffe home.

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