We used the ads included in the Teacher’s Guide and sample discussion questions as our pre-reading activity for the chapter.

  1. Students read the chapter with a partner or individually (their choice).
  2. Then, students re-read the chapter while they completing this reading guide.
  3. When most students were finished, we chose characters (Brandon, Jake, man at Reparaciones Expertas, man at Pintura Perfecta, man at Hermanos Reparadores, Gerardo, Abuela), and we read the chapter aloud with me as the narrator and the characters reading their lines from their seats.
  4. We discussed the questions included in the Teacher’s Guide.
  5. We did a “This or That” activity that required the students to determine whether each statement on this slideshow was an event or just information (answer key at the end).
  6. Finally, we did a listening assessment instead of the chapter quiz included in the Teacher’s Guide. I gave the students a dictation (download the form that I use here) with these three statements: (1) Brandon salió de su casa en el carro de su padre y fue a la escuela. (2) Brandon le envió un texto a Jake porque Jake no estaba en el gimnasio. (3) Brandon vio un rasguño en el carro después del choque.
  7. We read and discussed Kristy Placido’s reading from the Teacher’s Guide about her family in Mexico. I inserted comments about the family that I lived with in Spain and my experiences while living in Oaxaca, as well as talking to students about their own families. This was one of my favorite discussions from this book!!

I received express, written consent from the publisher to share the materials that I created for this novel in this blog post. I am not compensated in any way by the author or publisher for writing this post.

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  1. Great ideas. We are going to start reading Ch. 7 on Monday. Yesterday we finished Ch. 6 with the “Write, Pass, Draw” activity and my students loved it. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas. Now, if I could only find my Teacher’s Guide…

    1. Oh yes you must find it!! I made sure to purchase the electronic version of them so that I can have them saved on my computer and not worry about losing them!! I’d recommend it if you haven’t already!

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