El Día de los Muertos is Saturday, so that means that you have a whole week to teach it to your students!! I just put the finishing touches on lesson plans for novice/intermediate Spanish students that will give you 3-4 days of instruction about the holiday. You can download the plans here! They include a three-level embedded reading, links to three short videos to use and an online storybook, a song with lyrics activit, an infograph webquest, a writing activity, craft ideas,  a link to additional resources, and step-by-step instructions for using the resources provided

All files are provided in PDF form for aesthetic purposes. Editable files are provided in Pages and Word, but please be aware that they will not be print-ready! Since the files were originally created in Pages, they do not always convert well to Word; however, you should be able to work with them. Also, most original fonts will be lost as they are fonts that I have purchased and do not migrate to other computers.


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  1. Thanks so much for these resources. My classes have really the readings and videos. You create/ put together such wonderful stuff!

  2. I did this the day I was observed by my principal! It was great!! The only problem I have is kids getting sleepy under the dim lights for the film shorts, but nothing that can’t be remedied by a quick song of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes en español 🙂

  3. Hola Martina,
    I just want to tell you that I am forever grateful to you, I am a first year teacher and I am starting the TPRS/CI methods and your blog and materials are wonderful and making my life so much easier as a first year teacher. I purchased your Dia de los Muertos lesson from TeachersPayTeachers and I am very excited to us it! I was using the links for the videos and the link for the movie on step 5 of the instructions for the teacher went to a spot on youtube where the user that posted it had been taken off of youtube so the video was not there do you have a link for it that is different that I could use or a way to search the correct video? That would be wonderful. Gracias por todo!!

  4. Hola Martina,

    Thank you for your endless ideas!
    I am wondering if you know of a reading on the Catrina or something similar that would fit nicely with learning how to do D. of the D. face painting for intermediates? Ideas?


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