Last year, I made reference to a Pingu clip that I MovieTalked as an anticipatory set for Chapter 2 of El Nuevo Houdini, but I never posted the clip! Silly me! Thanks, Nancy, for reminding me to put it out there!

The episode is about what happens at home when Pingu’s parents go out for the night to a concert:

As you can see, it gives you many opportunities to use key structures for the beginning chapters of El Nuevo Houdini and to create a parallel story and hypothesize future events. Pingu’s parents explain rules to the penguin children, and then off they go, care-free to their concert. Meanwhile, the little penguins get into all sorts of mischief.

My students had a lot of fun with the clip! If you are not familiar with MovieTalk, read more about this great strategy here.

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  1. Martina;

    Thanks for posting. I follow your curriculum mostly because they are always so different and fresh. This is a cute video. The problem I am having is that most of my Spanish 2 kids have never had TPRS and it makes it so much more difficult to movietalk while my old Spanish 1 kids would follow without missing a beat. This has been my dilemma this semester but this video is perfect for Houdini. Im going to try to incorporate it for both sets of kids in my class. Again, thanks for posting.


  2. Hello Martina: Do you have the script you use for the Nuevo Houdini movie talk? I would really like to try it in my Span I next year.

      1. I too would love to see your script. Love your ideas, enthusiasm, and willingness to share. I have used many of your ideas for El Nuevo Houdini. Mil gracias.

  3. I am using your Spanish 2 curriculum materials this year. I love all of your ideas!! I was wondering if you had a movietalk script for the Pingu video. If so, it would be greatly appreciated! And, I would be willing to purchase it if you have it on Teachers Pay Teachers. Thanks you!

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