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Who is going to iFLT '14 FREE of charge? ...

March 8, 2014

66 readers entered the iFLT '14 giveaway, but unfortunately only one could win. Would that I could afford to fund registrations for all of you!! However, I see that I'm approaching 1,000 followers, so I think there might be an opportunity for someone else to win something exciting in the near future... Anyway, let's cut to the chase.

The winner of the free registration to iFLT '14 in Denver, Colorado is...


Chattooga High School, Summerville GA

Thank you to everyone that entered! The only thing to do now is funnel all of your disappointment into a personal fundraising effort, like a bottle drive or lemonade stand, and commit to registering for iFLT '14 before the Early Bird deadline ($379 before May 31; $429 after). There are discounts available for first year teachers, students, and Denver Public Schools teachers. You will not regret the investment that you make in your career by attending the conference! Learning how to be an effective, organized TPRS/CI teacher was the best move that I ever made while teaching!

Andrea, I will be emailing you shortly to work out your registration details. Congratulations!!

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