Oh yeah, crossing another Spanish 1 unit off the list! Well..the story script anyway. I used this story in my Spanish 1 classes several times, but I needed to fix some glitches before posting it. As I was finishing it up, I couldn’t help but think how EASY life becomes when you write your curriculum based on high frequency structures. The script is long because I kept thinking of ways to recycle previously studied structures. By teaching structures that are used frequently in your target language, you naturally find opportunities to use and re-use them in class over and over and over again!

This story script is perfect for teachers that are looking for opportunities to use object pronouns in context–both direct object pronouns and indirect object pronouns!

Download the script in Spanish and in English (click here to learn how I intro vocab) in the Story Scripts folder of the Subscriber Library:


  • esto le parece extraño – this seems strange (to him/her)
  • le da – s/he gives to him
  • devuelve – s/he gives back (returns an object)


Use this story script to preload vocabulary for a content-based unit on superstitions in Spanish speaking countries:

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