Oh yeah, crossing another Spanish 1 unit off the list! Well..the story script anyway. I used this story in my Spanish 1 classes several times, but I needed to fix some glitches before posting it. As I was finishing it up, I couldn’t help but think how EASY life becomes when you write your curriculum based on high frequency structures. The script is long because I kept thinking of ways to recycle previously studied structures. By teaching structures that are used frequently in your target language, you naturally find opportunities to use and re-use them in class over and over and over again!

Here is the script and vocab intro info in Spanish and in English (click here to learn how I intro vocab):


  • esto le parece extraño – this seems strange (to him/her)
  • le da – s/he gives to him
  • devuelve – s/he gives back (returns an object)


  1. Mi amiga le da su dinero a su mamá y su mamá le da un teléfono nuevo. (My friend gives money to her mom and her mom gives her a new phone.)
  2. Una abuela le da un suéter a un chico. El chico le devuelve el suéter a su abuela porque le parece muy extraño. (A grandma gives a sweater to a boy. The boy returns the sweater because it seems strange to him.)
  3. Parece que un hombre extraño está robando la tienda. (It seems that a strange man is robbing the store.)
  4. Los estudiantes le dan su tarea a la profesora y ella se la devuelve después de mirarla. (The students give their homework to the teacher and she returns it to them after looking at it.)
  5. Un estudiante va al baño todos los días a las once y esto le parece extraño a la profesora. (A student goes to the bathroom every day at 11:00 and this seems strange to the teacher.)
  6. Muchos estudiantes roban los lápices de sus amigos, pero eventualmente se los devuelven. (Many students steal pencils from their friends, but eventually they return them.)


  1. Alaska es más grande que Texas. ¿Esto te parece extraño? (Alaska is bigger than Texas. Does this seem strange to you?)
  2. ¿Los estudiantes devuelven los lápices de la profesora de español? (Do students return pencils to their Spanish teacher?)
  3. ¿Quién te da mucha tarea? (Who gives you a lot of homework?)
  4. ¿Conoces a una persona extraña? ¿Quién? (Do you know a strange person? Who?)
  5. ¿Tus padres te dan dinero? (Do your parents give you money?)


  1. ¿Qué les parece extraño (bueno, rídiculo, extraño) sobre (su familia, la escuela, nuestra cultura)? *If you want to avoid the subjunctive (not necessary, but you may choose to), re-state what the student observes and then say “Esto le parece extraño a [student]” Ex: Sólo hay un baño en la escuela. Esto le parece extraño a Emily. ¿Esto te parece extraño a ti, Xavier?” (What seems strange (good, ridiculous, strange) about (your family, school, our culture?)
  2. ¿Sus profesores devuelven (su tarea, exámenes, etc.) inmediatemente? ¿Es un problema? (Do your teachers return your homework/tests immediately? Is it a problem?)
  3. Cuando Uds. deciden que no les gusta una camisa u otra cosa, ¿la devuelven a la tienda? ¿Después de llevarla por un día? ¿dos días? (etc.) (When you decide that you don’t like a shirt or something else, do you return it to the store? After you wear it for a day? Two days?)
  4. ¿Quién siempre/nunca devuelve tus cosas después de usarlas? (Who always/never returns your things after using them?)
  5. ¿Sus padres les dan dinero (cuando Uds. lo necesiten/lo quieran/regularmente/para emergencias)? (Do your parents give you money when you need it/want it/regularly/for emergencies?)
  6. ¿Quién les da (mucha tarea, dinero, lápices, ropa, regalos absurdos, muchos problemas,  un dolor de cabeza, etc.) (Who gives you a lot of homework/money/pencils/clothes/strange gifts/problemas/headaches/etc.?)
  7. Cuando una persona extraña te da algo, ¿qué haces? (When a strange person gives you something, what do you do?)


Gru is a despicable man. He commits many crimes, but he always escapes the police because he is very smart. Jenny is a very innocent girl. She is always happy. She is eight years old. Gru lives beside Jenny and sees her every day. Gru thinks that Jenny is horrible because she is always happy. Gru wants to destroy her happiness, so he thinks of a plan.

One day, Jenny walks to school. Gru leaves his house and walks toward Jenny. This seems strange to Jenny because she doesn’t know him, but she says, “Hi!”. Gru responds, “Hi. You are adorable. I have something for you”, and he gives her a package. This seems strange to Jenny, but she takes the package and walks to school. What she doesn’t know is that there is a bomb in the package!

At school, Jenny gives the package to her teacher and says, “Teacher, look at this package! It’s from a very nice man.” The teacher asks, “What man?” and Jenny responds, “I don’t know him”. Her teacher tells her, “Jenny, this seems very strange to me. You shouldn’t accept packages from strange men. Return the package!” The teacher gives the package to Jenny and Jenny goes to Gru’s house. She returns the package without opening it.

Another day, Gru comes out of his house and walks toward Jenny again. He gives her a dozen roses. This seems very strange to Jenny, but she says, “Thanks!” and takes the roses and goes to her house. What Jenny doesn’t know is that there are poisonous spiders in the roses! She gives the roses to her mom and says, “Mom, look at these roses! They are from a very nice man.” Her mom asks her, “What man?”, and Jenny responds, “I don’t know him”. Her mom tells her, “Jenny, this seems very strange to me. You shouldn’t accept roses from strange men. Return the roses!” Jenny’s mom gives the roses to Jenny and Jenny goes to Gru’s house. She returns the roses and goes to the park to play.

Gru sees Jenny and goes to the park with a dog. There is dynamite in the dog’s stomach. Gru talks with Jenny and her friends. “Do you want to play with my dog?”, he asks them, and he gives the dog to Jenny. It doesn’t seem strange to Jenny to play with another person’s dog, and so she takes the dog and goes off to play with it. Gru is very happy because the dog is going to explode in five minutes. Jenny plays with the dog for a few minutes, but then she receives a text from her mom. Jenny walks toward Gru and says, “Thanks for the dog, mister, but I have to go home”. She returns the dog to him. Gru doesn’t want the dog because it’s about to explode. He yells, “Get outta here!”, but the dog doesn’t leave. The dog explodes and Gru dies.

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  1. Hi Martina! In your pqa notes above you explain how to avoid using subjunctive with the phrase parece que. I am still shaky on subjunctive – would parece que usually require subjunctive, or only if it was “no parece que”? Mil gracias! Laura

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