Wendy Farabough just emailed and asked permission to post her translations of my classroom posters on her awesome blog EN FRANCAIS! (Geez I can’t figure out how to do the squiggle thing on a capital letter.) You can download the posters directly from her blog, or you can download them from my Google Drive posters folder. To see how to put together the posters, visit my posters archives.

Add Wendy’s blog to your reading list, and be sure to follow @mmefarab on Twitter !! For teachers of French, or any other language, please email me any time that you are interested in translating and sharing my materials. You would be a blessing to the other teachers of your language–I get requests for French resources all the time!!

Posters translated by Wendy Farabough http://mmefarab.wordpress.com

9 replies on “Classroom posters en français!

  1. So nice! These will be a good addition to my walls this year. Since our 4th-6th is going 1-1 digital, I would love to use the poster that shows how to make accents, etc. with keyboard strokes. Do you have those available as a poster rather than just the .jpg from your wall? Thanks!

  2. Hmm… somehow I’m missing it. In the Google Drive folder I just see the poster showing á, é, í, ó, ú, ¿, etc. as IMG_2016.jpg, not as a PDF that I can print. Sorry… 🙁 But it’s a great idea and I can work on making my own poster from your jpg. I LOVE your ideas, and have just gone through a lot of your Level 1 curriculum map to see how much I can work into my Avancemos requirements this year. Thanks for your willingness to share!

  3. Even though I am not a French teacher, I have to say, THIS ROCKS! Every shared resource is such a gift. Thank you, Martina, for so many things that you do and have shared yourself. You are a saving grace to me, and to many. You are appreciated! 🙂

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