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Hello dear friends! I returned this morning at 3:00am to Alaska after 3.5 weeks away from home. My kids were with grandparents in NY while I traveled to iFLT and NTPRS, and my husband joined us for the last bit of our trip for much needed time with family. It was lovely to live in make-believe-land where my kids are always taken care of by someone who is not me and I have no real-world responsibilities nor cares in the world. So it's back to reality for me, and reality is not my friend today. Upon checking my email for the first time in two weeks, I discovered that I completely missed the Teachers Pay Teachers back to school sale, which I have been telling readers for months to "hold off on your purchases! You will save so much money if you wait for the sale!" I sincerely apologize to everyone that was planning to make large purchases from my store at this sale! I will throw a sale later this week, but unfortunately you won't be able to combine my store's sale with the discount from TpT corporate. I am so sorry :( In unrelated news, I had my 14 week OB appointment for baby #4 is due February 2. I am a little overwhelmed as my oldest will have just turned 4 at the end of December, but I am very excited to see who this new little life will be and how he or she will change our family!! Since I have about as much energy as the loaves of bread that I can't stop eating, I will forewarn you to not expect much from me over the next few months. Or years, as the case may be. I'm calling ACTFL 2016 my last hurrah--one last time to connect with my PLN before retreating permanently into a world filled with diapers and inhabited solely by toddlers. Who's with me!?

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