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See you at ACTFL!

October 11, 2015

ACTFL is just over a month away, so it is time to start planning your schedules! There are soooooooo many options for each session, and at the last ACTFL that I attended (in 2013), I remember feeling overwhelmed when I looked at the conference and tried to make decisions upon arrival. There is a great online program on the ACTFL website. I will be presenting twice; once on Friday evening and once on Saturday afternoon (click on images to enlarge description), and I would love to have you in the room with me! Unfortunately, there are a lot of really wonderful presentations happening at the same time as mine, so you will have some tough decisions to make! Click here to read a list of TPRS®/CI friendly sessions compiled by TPRS Publishing. In addition to those sessions, I will try to make it to anything by Bill VanPatten! (You can find his other sessions by searching his name in the online program link above.) If you can't or *sniff* don't want to make it to my sessions, you can find me by searching the crowd for a giant pregnant woman wearing a #langchat tee (I think I ordered a blue one...but maybe it was green...and I'm not exactly sure when I am supposed to wear it (help? #langchat buddies??)...but I'll be wearing it in some color at some point in time, and I'll be hard to miss. And I will be spending lots of time in the TPRS Publishing booth (booth #1526) down in the vendor hall!

Okay, what are some sessions that you would recommend that I attend? Feel free to add shameless plugs for your own sessions in addition to sessions that you are already planning to attend!

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