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Loup-garou scripts en français !

January 11, 2017

French teachers, today is your lucky day! I've got some free stuff for you!

Click on the image to download the scripts

Last fall, I wrote and shared 15 simple story scripts in Spanish for teachers to get started playing Ben Wang's simplified version of Hitman. Yesterday, French teacher Lois Dalton emailed me to let me know that she had stayed up until midnight translating them into French when they were first published, and would I be interested in sharing the translations with other French teachers? OUI ! OUI ! OUI !

Click here to download the French scripts!  I put Lois' translations in my original document formatting, so it is totally possible that I made some mistakes as I was cutting and pasting and re-typing. If you find any errors, please email me to let me know! My French proficiency is just emerging, so I am unable to edit French texts!

And to pre-emptively answer copyright questions that this might raise, in light of my recent posts, this is why what Lois did was okay:

  1. She found a free product online and downloaded it to use with her own classes.
  2. She adapted the product that she downloaded for use with her own classes. In the same way that each teacher makes small changes to every lesson that they teach, even when it is laid out for them by a textbook or an administrator, you are free to adapt anything that you find or purchase from me for your own classroom purposes. In her case, adaptation meant translation. Adaptation could mean changing wording, shortening or lengthening readings, modifying content, etc. You can do this for your own classes!
  3. She emailed me to ask permission to share the product. Even though it was a free product, it was still copyrighted. She did the right thing and went directly to the copyright holder to seek permission to share it (in this case, she was asking if I would be interested in having and sharing it myself, but she could also have asked if she could share it on her own platform).  As the  holder, it is MY right to be able to decide if and how adaptations of my resources are shared, even when they are adaptations of free resources. 

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