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Les petites amies de mon frère: Story Script

February 28, 2017


So far, French is the only language that I have set out to learn through input. It's an...ongoing...project that I leave and come back to once every few months as time permits. I've read novels from Wayside Publishing and listened to the audio versions, read news article summaries in French, listened to authentic songs as I followed along with the lyrics, and interacted with French translations that teachers send to me of my Spanish materials as I format them. And by golly gee whiz, it is working! I love it!!

Julia Ullman translated most of my Spanish 1 units to French a few years ago, and unfortunately it has been a huge challenge for me to find the time to format and complete them. So far, I have only finished the first four units, and I am now working on the fifth: "Les petites amies de mon frère / Le Tour de France". There are a few pieces in each unit that I need to translate on my own, and one of them is the story script--so that's what I did!

Corrections from Cécile--not too bad!!

Thank you to Mary Ann Kowalski and Cécile Lainé for checking my work. I learned a few things, like in French I am going to (for now) avoid the 'goes to the house of a friend" because I don't want to touch the whole 'chez' thing yet, and I am sticking to cities instead of states so that I can focus on the structure 'va à' and not yet require students to work out when to use  it versus 'va dans le'. I prefer to teach similar structures separately, as I was first advised in a training by Laura Terrill many years ago!

So, here you have it! The translated story script from SOMOS Unit 5. I am working on the unit but it will probably be a few weeks before I finish it, since I have lots and lots of questions to ask my Francophone friends along the way!

....and if you want to learn a language, find some quality comprehensible input! It's AMAZING!

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