Thank you so much to Virginia Browne for translating the slideshow that I shared yesterday into French. I am still a wee baby French speaker, so please let me know if I made any errors while re-typing the file! Click here to download it and click here to learn why I created it.

Also, in light of the attack at Las Ramblas in Barcelona today, I will be writing and sharing a news summary tomorrow that Spanish teachers will be able to use along with the slideshow. Stay tuned–

Peace begins with us.

8 replies on “La paix commence par toi – PPT for French classes

  1. Hi Martina,

    There are a few mistakes on the French version:

    Hamburger (was spelled hamburgur)

    quelle lettre (was quel lettre)

    slide 18: paix (was spelled paiz)

    Thank you so much for sharing! I did the slideshows with both my French and Spanish I students today, and it was very accessible for the first day even! I really liked it that when we got to the “afirmación” slide, they were able to translate the slide with only a little support from me! Muchas gracias.

    ~ Leanna in Fairbanks


    1. Martina,

      I started the ppt. today and halfway through, I asked my students to gather with other students whose names begin with the same letter as their own. We quickly went through their names alphabetically and answered questions such as, “How many students have a name that starts with an “A”?” or “How many boys have names that begin with the letter “S”?” We practiced numbers, the alphabet, we built classroom unity, and I was able to practice their names! What great activity. I also will be using the song “Paz, Paz, Paz” by Juanes tomorrow.
      Thank you!

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