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Supplies for a Communicative Language Classroom

June 17, 2024

Get ahead for next year

As the school year wraps up (ever so slowly, especially if you’re on the East Coast!) stocking up on classroom supplies is the last thing on most teachers’ minds – with good reason! Most teachers are focused on packing up their classroom and finding places to store the supplies they already have.

But on the off-chance you’re a teacher who wants to take inventory of their supplies for next year before you pack everything up, or if you just want to get ahead (so you can enjoy your summer), we’ve compiled a list of supplies we’ve found to be helpful in creating a classroom that supports comprehensible-input learning. 

Class Sets

You’ll want a class set of all of these items--enough for all students in your biggest class! 

Classroom Supplies 3

Clipboards: We use a lot of Gallery Walks in The Somos Curriculum and clipboards are handy to have for writing on!

Dry erase boards, markers, erasers: It’s useful to have enough of these on hand for every student, especially when playing review games or other classroom engagement activities. Also, is it just me or do they seem to have a habit of disappearing? 

Dry erase sleeves: SO GOOD for reusing worksheets and/or articles without having to laminate them! 

Dice: normal 6-sided and color dice:  There are a lot of options for comprehensible-input focused games with the Somos Curriculum (like Arcoríris or SIXES), and these color dice are great to have available! 

Scissors: Like dry erase boards, markers, and erasers, the more of these you have, the better. 

Consumables to last the year

Stock up on these resources that you’ll use all year long!

Classroom Supplies 4

Coloring supplies (markers, colored pencils, crayons): Illustrating a story is something that can come up a lot in the Somos curriculum.

Glue sticks: While I’m not a big fan of projects or project-based learning, I still find plenty of uses for glue sticks! Whether your students use Interactive-ish notebooks or want to glue down the sequencing work they do with an activity in class to show their work, you’ll be glad you stocked up!

Sticky easel paper: Is anyone else always shocked by how expensive these giant pieces of paper are? If your school is willing to buy them for you, take advantage! The uses are limitless. You can use them for Gallery Walk style activities, to create temporary word walls, to have student artists illustrate a One Word Image or a storyboard for a class story, and more!

Somos Workbooks

We’re so excited to share that one of our favorite recently released projects is available for purchase! The Somos Workbook has all of the student printables from Somos Units 1-9 plus the supplemental resources that come in the curriculum bundle. 

If you’re using The Somos Curriculum in your Year 1 classes and are sick of vying for your place at the copier, The Somos Workbook could be a perfect fit. But remember--you’ll need to order NOW so that you’ve got your workbooks for next school year!

Whatever makes you feel the most supported is the BEST option!

Remember, you don’t NEED any of these supplies to make The Somos Curriculum – or any curriculum – work. Having simple supplies like these will come in handy, but you can feel confident starting the year without them.

If you’re teaching at a school that does not support you with a budget for classroom supplies, create an Amazon wish list! Every year during the summer, Amazon has made a habit of running a “Clear the list” campaign for teachers. Who knows, you might get the entire list of items purchased for you!!

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