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Lugares de Miedo Sub Plan Bundle Cover 5067516 1

Spooky texts and activities bundle

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Bundle of 7 products
Intermediate (Levels 2-4)

These six sets of readings + activities can be used anytime in Spanish Level 2+. With enough content to fill 55 minutes, consider saving these for emergency sub plans! All activities can be completed independently with a non-Spanish speaking sub.

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NOTE TO THE BUYER: This product is a collaboration between Nelly Hughes and The Comprehensible Classroom. Do not purchase this product if you have previously purchased the Panteón de Belén materials from Comprendes Méndez SpanishShop.

  • This is great to leave when there's a sub. It's of interest to the students and keeps them busy the whole time. You know what they say about idle hands ... well, they get in trouble is all if they don't have enough to do that holds their attention. This fits the bill.

    Amy P.
  • This was a great resource to use with Mexico and a unit of fear/scary things. Very comprehensible and engaging. 

    Shane G.
  • An excellent resource to leave behind for a sub to use. Students were able to complete it the same day without giving the sub a hard time! Thank you!

    Jennifer G.
  • Time saving resource, like the differentiation.

    Sandra R.
  • The students love Martina's products. They even want to do deeper research on the 'non-fiction' articles!

    Karen S.
  • Loved this resource!

    Miranda S.
  • My students enjoyed the story. Great activities to follow reading.

    Tina H.

Lugares de miedo| BUNDLE

$20.00 $29.00
$20.00 $29.00

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