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Lugares de miedo Museo Reina Sofia1 Lugares de miedo Museo Reina Sofia2 Lugares de miedo Museo Reina Sofia3 Lugares de miedo Museo Reina Sofia4

Lugares de miedo | El museo Reina Sofía

Spooky ready-to-go texts and activities in Spanish.

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
11 Pages
1 hour

Home to Picasso's Guernica, the Museo Reina Sofía is a popular destination for tourists... and maybe for the undead.

This set of materials can be shared with students any time, and there is enough content for independent work to fill a 55 minute sub plan. Two versions of the reading are provided so that you can choose the one that is most appropriate level for your students' vocabulary range. Teach as a lesson around Halloween, or add it to a unit with a Supernatural or Fine Art theme or when learning about Madrid!


  • 2-page reading in Spanish (Intermediate range)
  • 2-page reading in Spanish (Novice High)
  • Glyph comprehension activity (full page)
  • Matching & short answer comprehension questions (full page)

Caution: A ouija board is referenced in one of the legends, and students with strong religious convictions may not feel comfortable learning about it. Check with those students' families first to avoid any problems!


This product is a collaboration between Nelly Hughes and The Comprehensible Classroom. Do not purchase this product if you have previously purchased the Panteón de Belén materials from Comprendes Méndez SpanishShop.


  • This is a really interesting reading with a fun way to check comprehension. The simplified version was a bit beyond my Spanish II class as they have not seen the imperfect yet, but the students who were on the higher end of the novice proficiency were able to comprehend it. I was looking more at the grades rather than the proficiency level noted. It would be amazing to have this narrated in the present tense as well. Thank you for your dedication to creating high quality comprehensible resources! 

    Sol Garden
  • Worked well in class with my students. Interesting content.

    Michael E.

Lugares de miedo | El museo Reina Sofía


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