We just finished an introductory unit on illegal immigration/ border crossing in Spanish A. My students learned the structures ‘llega allí”, ‘regresa a su país’, and ‘lleva’ using the story script for El Viajero (Download it here in Spanish and English), and then we spent a few days using me-generated and authentic resources to learn more about border crossing. This unit fits in well to prepare vocabulary for or use with Esperanza, and you could also easily work in the song A Las Tres or the documentary They Come to America.

Download complete seven-day lesson plans for this unit here.

These 7 day lesson plans include 44 pages and links to everything that you need to teach the structures ‘regresa a su país”, ‘llega allí’, and ‘lleva’ to your students, and then explore the issue of illegal immigration/border crossing. Specifically, they include a story script, story activities, a song with instructional activities and accompanying lyrics/reading activity sheet, a cultural reading to be used as a reading assessment, two activities that use authentic resources (one listening, one reading), discussion questions for all activities and re-take assessments.

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  1. I have been actively looking for a well-rounded way to discuss immigration, presenting Esperanza with other materials. I also came across “They come to America” as well as the newer “They come to America II”. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Martina, I was wondering if you could direct me towards the 5 day ALma lesson plan you made. One day I saw it and then later decided I might like to purchase it and now I can’t find it on any of your links etc..

    I honestly don’t know how you do all that you do.. But thank you so much!! You do it very well!!!


  3. I like that unit a lot and plan on getting it ready to use it for my final. We have used many of the structures in it and it seems like a great way to end the year. Lesson plans would be great. I look forward to seeing them this summer. Thanks for all you do!

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