This was the first story that I ever used when I tried out TPRS. As you can tell from my blog, I liked it! The original script that I used had slightly more simple structures, and it was written by Anne Matava and posted on Ben Slavic’s blog back in 2009 or 2010. I have continued to use it since that first year with TPRS, and this year I grew it into a cultural unit by adding a reading about Celia Cruz and a reading and discussion about the novel/film Como agua para chocolate by Laura Esquivel. Here is the script in Spanish and English, and here are the lesson plans for the seven-day unit into which I expanded it.

2 El lobo hambriento script2



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  1. I have purchased this unit. Many of the activities ask students to talk about the food they prefer – when is all of the food vocab taught?

    1. With TPRS®, PQA, etc., you give translations as words come up. I usually allow students to give me a 2-word max answer in English, and then I translate it for them (write it on the board in black and blue) and work it into our discussion. Another option is to ask closed-ended questions, like “Do you prefer food x or food y?” so that you control the vocabulary that comes into the conversation. Either way, the food vocab that you end up working with will be very limited!

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