Pencil grab activity to turn any T/F questions into a super fun game your students will love!

Pencil Grab True-False game

Pencil Grab is a super easy game to use in your classes: students play in pairs, and all they need is a pencil! All YOU need is a list of a T/F statements--which you can make up on the fly!

Pencil Grab is a super simple activity that I learned from Carmen Andrews-Sanchez via Kristin Duncan’s blog. It’s so simple and so fun!

I pair up students and give each one a pencil. Then, I say a series of true or false statements, and students try to grab a pencil before their partner does anytime that they hear a true statement.

Students get a point any time that they beat their partner to a pencil when a true statement is read, and they lose a point if they grab the pencil when a false statement is read.

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