Oh, yes–you read that correctly! Looking for a thrilling way to celebrate El Día de los Muertos in your Spanish classes? Why not play a round of STRIP BINGO?!

It’s not what you think. Click here to read how to play the game.

Once you’ve seen that it is, in fact, a completely appropriate game to play in your classes, click here to download a special ready-to-go Day of the Dead edition of this fun and easy twist on traditional BINGO.

If a few rounds of Day of the Dead Strip BINGO leave you wanting, click here to check out these more elaborate Día de los Muertos plans: 3-4 days of Día de los Muertos fun, including a three-level embedded reading, a song with lyrics activity, a webquest, a writing activity, and several video-based activities.

13 replies on “El Día de los Muertos – STRIP BINGO!

  1. Hi! Thanks for the great idea. Would you play this with all 10 boxes that you have on your dia de los muertos strip or divide it into smaller sections? Thanks.

  2. I did it using a short reading about Monarch butterflies migrating to Mexico to get in words for the AP exam. It was a hit. Everyone wants to play again. I only used 5 strips/words with my group and we still read through both at least 3 times. I have a small group though.

  3. I couldn’t be happier with how Strip BINGO fit into my 2nd year class yesterday. I introduced vocab, showed pictures and talked about Día de los muertos, then had them play Strip BINGO with an authentic video (Contra el reloj, from el Gobierno de México). They watched the video about three times before most got BINGO. Thanks!

  4. This is great! I used it for Day of the Dead. I’m wondering if there is a blank template to be used with any topic.

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